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My name is Thurman Dalrymple

Thurman Dalrymple (Jr.) was born on April 18, in Detroit, Michigan to Ruth (Holm) and Thurman Dalrymple entrepreneurs in Birmingham, Michigan.  He is of Finnish, Scottish, and Irish decent.  He's 5 minutes older to an identical-twin brother Trent Dalrymple who lives in Michigan, and he also has two sisters, Ellen Anderson and Wendy Dalrymple.  Thurman and his wife, Linda (Lewandowski) Dalrymple have been married since April 7, 1979 and have two children, Jessica Dalrymple & Thurman John "T.J." Dalrymple III.  Thurman admits he's a "motorhead guy" who has owned over 30 cars and trucks over the years, as well as motorcycles, boats, and several vintage cars and trucks.  He and his brother shared a band where Thurman was a drummer and Trent was on the guitar, where they both found their attraction to the stage and performing.  While attending Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan, Thurman was encouraged by his guidance counselor to include acting classes to his Communication Arts degree program, and this is where he met his extremely supportive and profound acting teacher, Adeline Hershfeld-Medalia, and began his training in theatre and perfomed at the university Barn Theatre and on-campus plays.    

When he arrived in San Diego, California in 1990 he began working in real estate.  But due to the (then)downturn in the economy and real estate he got a 9-5 job in logistics within the food industry.  After commuting 5-days a week, 180 miles a day for 4-years he joined his brother in the mortgage business in San Diego, which also led them to a weekend radio program in San Diego based on the mortgage and real estate industry.  A couple years later Thurman found a local dinner theatre group in need of one more actor so he auditioned and booked the part of which was intended to be the last half of the engagement or estimated 6 weeks.  The show was so well received that it ran for another 12 months!  This experience was pivotal to his decision to seriously pursue acting and enroll in classes, studying under Carey Scott, a former student of Stella Adler, Billy Cowart, actor/writerr/producer, and Candice Paule, casting director.  He began helping UCSD and UCLA graduate film students by performing in their film projects, and performing in playwrights events, attended The Groundlings School and actors workshops from San Diego to Orange County and Los Angeles .  In 2002 Thurman signed with his two talent agents in both Los Angeles and San Diego and soon accepted and joined Screen Actors Guild.                                                                                                                                                                 

Over the years, Thurman has performed on stage in theatre, on TV and film, in shorts, industrials and commercials.  He is still with his San Diego Agents, Shamon Freitas Model and Talent Agency since 2002 as well as Clear Talent Group in LA since 2015.

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