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Thurman was born (an identical-twin) to Ruth and Thurman Dalrymple- entrepreneurs in Birmingham, Michigan.  

     Thurman, his brother and two sisters spent much of their early years swimming competitively, where they learned the importance of practice, practice, practice! Thurman's stroke was the "butterfly" competing for 6 years in AAU meets.  Then encouraged by a school counselor he enrolled in an acting class, which led to eventually booking roles in plays and realizing he was having a great time on stage.  

     Thurman and his twin-brother, Trent had a band where Thurman was the drummer and Trent was on guitar.  Currently (please keep in mind: this number can increase at any time) Thurman has owned over 32 cars- plus a couple trucks, vans, boats, motorcycles-- as he explained, "If it has an engine I'm into it!"  Over the years he's seen and done a lot, like working in the car business- service, sales and finance, management, food business, real estate business, transportation business, insurance business, roofing business, leasing business, logistics, training, chauffeur, and retail, with a Bachelors degree in Business Management.

     Thurman now lives in Southern California between L.A. and San Diego with his wife Linda (joyfully married since 1979) and he's acting full-time.  In their spare time they enjoy traveling in their little travel trailer along with their Yorkie "Gidget" meeting new people and seeing all the beautiful places in California and near-by states.  Their children (Jessica & T.J.) are now grown and living exciting & rewarding lives of their own.  Life is good.  Thank you for reading this bio.

direct contact:

 text / phone: 310-318-4722


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